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Chakras are first mentioned in the Vedas, ancient Hindu texts of knowledge. The Sanskrit word means wheel or disk. There are seven major chakras within the human body.

Chakras are energy centres within the physical and ethereal body which govern the subtle physical, emotional and pschological aspects of our inner being. Chakras turn in a clockwise direction like spinning wheels and open to pour out their qualities to re-establish our inner balance, therefore restoring our health and wellbeing.

When the chakras spin too quickly or too slowly, the body becomes out of balance and physical or emotional symptoms can occur. Reiki aims to restore the chakras to balance and harmony by channeling healing energy into the seven major chakras whilst placing the hands on or just above the client’s body. Reiki practitioners have undergone attunements in order to act as a conduit for the life force energy (chi) which is all around us.

Reiki can help with a range of conditions from physical to emotional problems or a general dissatisfaction with life. Clients remain fully clothed throughout the treatment and only need to remove their shoes.